​There are various other tax related services outside of yearly preparation of individual income tax returns or business tax returns that we have experience with. They include:

  • Amending returns filed by a prior CPA firm with errors or unreported items
  • Corresponding with the IRS and state tax agencies to resolve issues
  • Helping individuals after they have been a victim of identity theft
  • Helping individuals estimate their taxes and calculate quarterly payments to avoid surprises at time to file
  • Reviewing financials statements of businesses to look for opportunities afforded to them by the tax code
  • Research of specific tax and business issues
  • Foreign bank account reporting
  • Filing of past due returns
  • Staying current on proposed changes to the tax code
  • State level tax planning

 We value a relationship with our clients and view tax services as an ongoing and year round service, not a service where we prepare your return and talk once a year as many other firms do. Many planning opportunities are discovered by having a relationship with our clients and understanding their business, industry, and personal situation. We are always available to schedule an appointment to review your latest filed returns and make recommendations to improve your specific situation so that we are taking full advantage of every available credit and deduction. We do our best to provide an excellent service and experience to relieve any unnecessary pressure or stress created by thinking about your taxes. Please see our contact page to get in touch with us. We look forward to working with you.   

Other Tax Services

Today's tax laws are so complicated that filing a relatively simple return can turn into a headache and a hassle.  Even handling your own income tax preparation using a computer software program can be a task that leaves you with more questions than answers.  Its is just too easy to overlook deductions and tax credits to which you are entitled to, and nobody likes leaving their hard earned money on the table.  That's why we are here to walk you through every step of this tedious process.  We will leave you feeling confident and relieved that you chose us to work with you to file an accurate return that allows you to sleep easy.

Individual Income Taxes

Business Income Taxes

Federal income tax is one of the most challenging and crucial aspects of managing any business of any size. Income tax compliance presents an ongoing risk, one that demands nearly constant monitoring of the regulatory landscape.  Many tax departments devote significant resources to preparing filings and meetings deadlines, often leaving little time for planning, or for managing regulatory changes.  We look at compliance beyond the quarterly requirements, assessing tax strategies within the context of a company's overall financial goals.

Regardless of your business structure, we prepare all types of business income tax returns such as:

  • Form 1120 - Corporate Income Tax Return
  • Form 1120S - 'S' Corporation Income Tax Return
  • Form 1065 - Partnership Income Tax Return​ 

Income Tax Services